The local history society for the Leyton & Leytonstone area of east London

Site last updated :

6 December 2017 : added a new publication ‘Leyton in the year 1840’ with the option to buy online using PayPal

10 November 2017 : added a new publication ‘The Home Front in Leyton and Leytonstone’ with the option to buy online using PayPal

3 October 2017 : added a new publication ‘Turf Wars’ and experimented with an option to buy this and two other publications online using PayPal

13 September 2017 : price of supplying a publication on USB flash drive (memory stick) increased to £7 because of inability to find memory at a reliably lower price

12 September 2017 : free download made available for the publication ‘Taking it on the Chin, extracts from the Chin-Wag War Records of the Eton Manor Clubs 1914-1918’

9 August 2017 : appeal for information about Church Road late 1930s

27 June 2017 : photos and information added about living on the Abraham Estate in the 1950s

13 June 2017 : information added about the new Abraham Estate project

8 June 2017 : added information about the new Abraham Estate project

2 May 2017 : programme of activities to May 2018 added

26 April 2017 : appeal for involvement in an Abraham Estate project

8 April 2017 : restored downloadable versions of ‘Great Houses’ series of publications

31 March 2017 : placed flyer for World War One Day on home page

25 March 2017 : added new article  ‘Terrorising the public, what head teachers’ ‘school log books’ tell us about the effect of air raids on Leyton and Leytonstone’

18 March 2017 : added details of First World War Day event on 6 May

16 January 2017 : room number for Wednesday’s meeting changed to HE4

15 January 2017 : update on the Society’s next meeting

(Changes made earlier are not listed.)